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An exciting new book on slow living, longevity, living happy and what siga, siga is all about!

Recipient of the Winner of the Best New Book for Healthy Living

The SLOW Life Diet is all about a healthy lifestyle. This all comes down to all-encompassing Greek notion of Siga Siga, which literally means ‘slowly, slowly’, but emblematically means to take a deep breath, embrace the moment you are in, practice self-caring, and exhale.

“A paradigm shifting approach to

health and wellbeing”

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slow life, long life

Slow Life Diet makes Book Authority’s list of Best New Healthy Books 2023

Author, Social Entrepreneur, and Health Activist Reveals Slow Living Secrets from the Greek Village to Live Longer and Healthier

Motivational social entrepreneur, olive oil connoisseur and expert, and healthy living advocate Stratis Kamatsos launched his inspirational debut book, Slow Life Diet – Greek Village Diet: 

slow life, long life

Why Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Healthy and Safe Bet

Extra virgin olive oil does not become dangerous when you cook with it, and it will not lose its nutrients. It is a safe and healthy option for a cooking oil. Thus, go ahead and cook with extra virgin olive oil to your heart’s desire!

Slow Life, Long Life

How I Cured My Anger by Practicing a Slow Lifestyle

I used to be an angry person. I would quickly get frustrated, feel like I was at the end of my rope, and lash out when things weren’t going my way. These episodes made me feel powerless, but they didn’t have to last forever. After experimenting with a slow lifestyle for almost two years now…

Create Something of value

How to Create a Social Enterprise and Doing it Right

Social enterprises can be an effective way to change the world. But, they are often created by well-meaning businesses and organizations who do not know how to make their social enterprise sustainable or resilient

A common mistake among these groups is that they don’t understand the importance of developing an idea that can translate into a business of value. To do this, the best method to use is the BIB: Business, Impact, and Brand method as a way of creating this successful social enterprise. In this article, I’ll explain how to use the simple BIB method in order to develop your social enterprise.

Slow life, long life

Art of Slowing Living

The art of living slowly is a practice that allows you to be more intentional about your time, and gives you the ability to focus on what matters most. This all comes down to all-encompassing idea of Siga Siga, which literally means ‘slowly, slowly’, but emblematically means to take a deep breath, embrace the moment you are in, practice self-caring, and exhale. It eventually leads us down the path of minimalism and mindfulness, which are two very powerful tools for self-growth.

Fellow Slow Followers

Karen C

A game changer and a life-changing book! I absolutely loved this. I am very focused on health and keeping active, and it was really uplifting to see how much of the focus of my own life is already proven to be so beneficial for our general health and lifestyle.

Ilias V

So many things you can learn from Mediterranean diet and how Greeks eat better.
Informative, understandable, empathetic, non-judgemental and supportive for who ever is ready to change or already is doing it but feels that might be failing. It encouraged me to continue with my journey of changing my life.

Reka M.

In addition to being an excellent asset for healthy food choices and good nutrition, it has made me aware of aspects that I didn’t know were so important and that play a big role in building a good rhythm of life, such as the importance of regularity, slowing down and community.

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